Pass Obamacare: We Dare You…

The political spin from the left has grown to absurd proportions.  Any ridiculous straw man argument to pass Obama’s Health care plan is being used, and the guns are firing full barrel.

Well, I and other conservatives should dare the left to try their best.

Ultimately, let us be frank:  the Democrats could pass this tomorrow.  If the House accepted the Senate’s liberal view on abortion coverage, this debate is over.  The catastrophic health care reform package would become law, and Obama would create a new structural deficit that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying for.  But there is a reason that Nancy Pelosi and others do not want to divulge what is in the bill before the vote; simply put, it would become less popular than it already is.

Try this on for size:

  • In a year with record unemployemnt, the Democrats propose a bill that the CBO suggests could cause job losses.
  • In a year where hiring is sluggish, this bill would further tax small business even on their temporary and part-time workers.
  • In a year with record deficits, Obama and his cohorts are attempting to pass a bill that will worsen the national debt, if you rid the bill of fuzzy math.
  • In a year where trust in our government is surging to new lows, Obama proposes to move one-sixth of the economy into the government sector.

And liberals spin this as a success.

Well, to quote George W. Bush:  bring it on.

It is pretty easy to fight when the other side has to lie to get its point across.  For example, Obama continually makes the assertion that his bill will save us $1 trillion over the next decade.  The only problem is that no scoring of the bill predicts that.  The CBO says the bill will potentially save $132 billion by 2020, or $868 Billion less than promised.  The White House tried to spin that it was the second decade where those savings occurred…but we all know how useless long term fiscal projections are.  You would have a better chance predicting the next decade of Super Bowl and World Series champions.

Ultimately Democrats can only placate their extreme left by passing something.  But it will have to resolve differences with the Blue Dogs and pro-lifers as well.  Once again, unless the Democrats are truly willing to go nuclear and prevent Republicans from proposing any amendments under reconciliation (which would definitely be unprecdented), Republicans should be able to make Democrats take painful after painful vote on numerous measures.

This is a win-win situation politically for Republicans.  If they can stop the bill, at all costs, they already have the public on their side, and show Obama to once again be the weak leader we all know he is.  If Democrats pass the bill, against the public’s wishes, nothing better sets up a public uprising vote in November.  Of course, the latter is certainly more distasteful, considering the massive harm that Obamacare will cause to the longterm future of our nation.

The irony is, Democrats are putting all their eggs in this basket, and this won’t end the fight.  Should Republicans campaign on the promise of repealing this bill?  And even if the bill passes, is the universal mandate constitutional? A court challenge is all but guaranteed.  And ultimately, after the bill passes, Republicans likely will take at least on chamber of Congress.  Should they starve the program by failing to fund it?  Democrats have been willing to play trench warfare politics, and I see no reason why Republicans shouldn’t reciprocate; they have an excellent argument, and the public support, necessary to fight such a battle.

So, I hope this bill doesn’t pass.  But if does, let the repercussions fall on the heads of the Democrats and President Obama.

You want this dog, we dare you to come and get it.

One thought on “Pass Obamacare: We Dare You…

  • March 9, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    This man does not trust us and we do not trust
    him to be our president.

    We just want to remind all the REPRESENTATIVES
    and SENATORS that we will be voting in our elections
    in November. Yep, this is the year that we cull
    those that do not care what the people want! They
    only want to appease OBAMA!

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