Battle: Los Angeles: Movie Review


Battle:  Los Angeles is one of those movies and geeks and nerds have dreamed about their entire lives.  What would it be like if an alien force came to earth, was openly hostile, and the war began?  How would we fight?

This is a war movie, in the truest sense.  Its closest Hollywood analogue would have to be Black Hawk Down…which says a lot about this current film.  This is not Will Smith in Independence Day, happily flying around killing bad aliens.  This is war, in it grittiest Hollywood iteration.

The aliens are far from indestructible.  Sure, they have superior weaponry and technology…but in the same vein that the U.S. military has superior weapons to the Taliban.  They can be defeated.

This is not a feel good movie, not a character developing movie…this is a war movie.  The action sequences are glorious in their detail.  The battle scenes are reminiscent of the best war movies, such as Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan.

If you like Sci-Fi and war movies, you will like this flick.  If you don’t like both…I am not sure.  And if you don’t like either, don’t bother.   The storyline is average, the dialogue can be clunky, and there is virtually no character development.  But this movie is what it is…a military movie at heart, with Marines happening to fight aliens.


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