Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: Movie Review

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies have taken an interesting course.  The first movie sounded like another Disney attempt to cash in on old favorites from yesteryear…the Pirate ride being one of the most famous in their amusement park for decades.  Of course, The Curse of the Black Pearl took in an astounding $350 million domestically, and $650 million worldwide, coming in only second to the third Lord of the Rings movie for movie receipts in 2003.  That assured sequels…which were largely disappointing.  The second and third movies suffered from being add-ons to the original, which never intended on making a trilogy in the first place.  The movies had too many characters, too many story lines, and became bogged down in nuance.

When the fourth installment was announced, many fans were simply not that interested.  But Johnny Depp, along with Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, appear to have got their mojo back.

Instead of producing another sequel, they went back to square one, retaining the only part of the original movies worth bringing back:  Captain Jack Sparrow.

In a new adventure that has almost no connection to the first three films, our favorite Captain is on an adventure for the Fountain of Youth.  This should be an entertaining concept…but fails miserably.

This movie simply is not entertaining.  It is a sequel…in the sense that it repeats the mistakes of the second and third movies.  First of all, it simply is not that fun.  The Curse of the Black Pearl was one of the more enjoyable movies over the past decade.  The three movies succeeding it have been bores, including this one.  The plot is meandering and pointless.  And by the end, I really didn’t care what happened to virtually any of the characters, new or old.

Why Johnny Depp would agree to do this movie is beyond me.  None of the characters, Jack Sparrow included, are all that interesting.  Disney will make a good amount of money on this flick, but doesn’t deserve to.  The scary part?  There are rumors that supposedly two more movies coming. I can’t imagine the disasters they will be.

This is the first movie of the season that I recommend taking a pass on.  Sure, rent in on Netflix when you get a chance, but save your eight bucks this weekend, and go enjoy a nice park or baseball game.  This movie simply is not worth your time nor money.