2012 Winners and Losers


1.  Barack Obama – Clearly cements his first term policies including Obamacare, and now has the political capital to move the country further to the left.

2.  Nate Silver, polls and Conventional Wisdom – Nate Silver now rules the world of political prognosticators, bar none.  The polls were absolutely spot on.  Who would have thought?

3. Senate Democrat candidates – They virtually ran the table.

4.  GOP Governors and House of Representatives – The few bright spots for the GOP.  The GOP holds the House, and now holds 33 Governor mansions…the most by any party in decades.

5.  Marco Rubio – The most well known of a number of excellent minority candidates for Republicans in 2016.  Right now, he is the odds on favorite.



1.  Mitt Romney – Romney fought hard, was a much better candidate than McCain…and got less votes than 2008.  His campaign staffers and consultants bear a significant portion of the blame as well, but ultimately, the buck stops here.

2.  GOP – Can they be more dysfunctional?

3.  GOP Senate candidates and the Tea Party – Our senate candidates were horrid.  No other way of spinning that.  And the Tea Party candidates were even worse.

4. Conservative Pundits – George Will, Michael Barone, Jay Cost, Sean Trende…back to the drawing board.

5.  Neoavatara – Hey, my predictions were historically wrong…I will eat my crow, and be happy about it.