Hypocrisy, And Lessons Left Unlearned


Let me remind you first of all that I did not vote for Donald Trump. In fact, I was one of the earliest adopters of the #NeverTrump label, and declared I could not vote for him as early as August 2015.

I don’t say this as a statement of pride or exaltation, but as a simple fact, because where I go from here is going to anger people who opposed Trump.

I understand you are angry, despondent, outraged, confused. I know the feeling well.

Four years ago, I was you. So were my friends and conservative brethren.

When Romney lost, our entire worldview changed. We thoroughly, completely believed that Barack Obama was a failure, and that his record would matter ultimately. It did not. Nothing mattered. Not his foreign policy disasters. Not is muddled economic plan. Not Obamacare.

Today, liberals are in the same place. They cannot fathom that Hillary Clinton lost to a social media neophyte who had more gaffes than actual policy positions, that had as many scandals as any presidential candidate, ran the most ridiculous campaign in modern history…and proved everyone wrong by actually winning.

Trust me…I feel your pain.

But what got us here? That is the question that should be echoing through our consciousness, over and over and over again. If you are shocked, or angry, about Trump now being the 45th President of the United States, ask yourself: is there any way that you were culpable in this?

I say most of us were, and the reason is pretty simple: gross, absurd hypocrisy.

On every level, whether you are a liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, White or Minority…the reason that the Trump base came out and voted was because of the continued, constant and absurd hypocrisy of every group in power.

Republicans (traditional Republicans) led the way, by making promises and never keeping them.

Democrats, from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton on downwards were right there with them, promising to be defenders of all, but when the concerns of these groups were considered silly and distasteful, they were labeled racists, clinging to ‘their God and guns’, and deplorable.

And the mainstream press and entertainment industry, which was almost universally opposed to anything Trump said or did, and basically insulted Trump voters from day 1…what reaction did these people expect?

If you disrespect a large portion of the country for long enough, they look for a way to react. This was actually true in 2008 too, as Minorities, fed up with Republicans ignoring them and because of the economic collapse, came out in droves to elect Obama. This is nothing new.

But considering the reaction of the last few days, we’ve learned nothing.

The last few nights, a small cohort of Hillary voters, rightfully angered by the election result…decided that the proper response to their anger and disappointment was…violence and mayhem.


Now, I am one of the largest defenders of free speech will ever find…I am an extremist and absolutist on the matter. And I defend their right to protest peacefully. But the violence was completely unnecessary and overboard.

As for the messages…the messages were tone-deaf. These people have learned nothing from this election. This was precisely the behavior of disdain and disrespect that helped Trump coalesce a coalition of people, many of whom don’t even like Trump.

Many in the media were on the air, describing Trump supporters as racists and bigots, while the clip shot behind them showed liberal anarchists and thugs burning dumpsters, defiling public streets and smashing windows.

Many in middle America, even if they are not Trump supporters, look at these images and think, “I want no part of that”.

In truth, I fully believe there is violence on both sides. I think emotions are at an all time high, and our leaders need to calm things down. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump so far have done a fairly decent job speaking to these problems, but more needs to be done.

On the other hand, just imagine in an alternate universe, where Hillary Clinton had won, and Trump supporters marched down the streets of major cities burning debris and flags, and smashing windows. Saying that Hillary was not their President, and burning her in effigy and hanging her puppet by a noose (which occurred to Trump at Progressive rallies yesterday). What would the media and Leftists be calling them?

They would be calling them fascist, authoritarian Brownshirts.

But I have yet to hear a single journalist describe these protesters as such. Instead, you have Van Jones on CNN saying that we must ‘understand their anger’. We had Rachel Maddow applauding the protesters. Imagine from the other side, and think of how they view this.

This is the hypocrisy that is central to understanding why Trump won. Yes, Trump was distasteful, and I won’t defend many of his past comments. Yes, there are real racists in the midst of crowds coming out for Trump. But there are also average Americans, not racists or bigots, simple people who want to earn a living, send their kids to school, to have hope for the future, who have been dismissed by all the major forces in American society for years, demanding to be heard, demanding to have equal footing for their concerns and worries.

From the behavior of many in the last few days, I think they are going to make those problems of disunity and disrespect worse, not better.

This is not to pick sides either. I am fully aware there are awful acts being caused by idiots on both sides; I am also aware that these are a small minority of individuals on both sides, and not the core values of either group. Mostly, I am aware that the violence must stop. This is Republic, based on democracy, and the voters have spoken. We have a right to be angry, but responsible people have a responsibility to accept that defeat, and move forward to help the opponents they so despise, because the good of the country must come above all else. But until we can get past the anger and hurt feelings, we will have a cycle of hypocrisy and hate that will guide our future.