Who is the wimp?

This guy has the audacity to call anyone a wimp?
This guy has the audacity to call anyone a wimp?

Jonathan Alter, who I will loosely refer to as a journalist, has an absurd editorial in Newsweek Thursday.  He states that Rush Limbaugh has turned the Republican Party in to a party of wimps (his word, not mine) simply because politicians have had to apologize to Rush regarding various comments they have made in the past few weeks.

Alter is such a useless member of the intelligensia, I thought twice about responding. But then I started thinking about the accusation.  Because Rush has the audacity to voice his opposition to Obama’s proposals, as fierce as it is, thus he is an outcast.  What a joke.  Mr. Alter, who has has a man-fetish for Mr. Obama since he came on to the political scene, has no right to challenge anybody’s right to comment, especially with the drivel that the espouses on MSNBC and Newsweek.

Furthermore, Mr. Obama started this little tiff.  He was the one that called out Mr. Limbaugh days after the inauguration.  Why Mr. Limbaugh, a private citizen, should not respond is beyond me.  It is below the station of the President to confront any private individual, in my humble opinion.  Obama should have taken the high road, and didn’t.

Finally, one last comment.  Mr. Obama has made many promises regarding ethics, honor, and ushering in an era of responsibility in to Washington.  That was why he was elected, not the liberal agenda that he has placed before the country in the past few weeks.  And yet, the President seems unwilling to take a strong stand on those issues.  Did he stand up to Nancy Pelosi’s wasteful spending in the Stimulus package?  Has he stood up against Congressional Democrats and their 9,000 plus earmarks in the Omnibus bill?  Did he run a clean vetting process; is that why four of his Cabinet members had to pull out?  And he has not abided by his own ethical standards on nominees and regarding lobbyists.  Excuse me, Mr. Alter, but who exactly is lacking the will power to say and do what they think is right?

So, to use a word that I wouldn’t normally use, but Jonathan Alter feels free to, who exactly is the wimp?