Jon Stewart Bodyslams Jim Cramer

This was as pathetic a performance on national TV as I have seen ever; maybe Bill Clinton’s address to the DNC in 1988 comes close.  What happened, Cramer, lost your backbone?  Easy to bloviate when you have no one to argue against.  I don’t know how Cramer will have the audacity to show his face on CNBC ever again…other than he gets to be on air with the lovely Erin Burnett, who I admit to having a mini-crush on.


The White House, kind of pathetically, was elated by Stewart attacking Cramer; something that they themselves were not successful at doing.  Maybe they should get Stewart to be the press secretary, instead of that joke Mr. Gibbs. Of course, the reality is Jon Stewart is a journalist…just because he plays a comedian on TV doesn’t mean he is a journalist; when half of people under 25 get their news from Comedy Central, it is no longer just a comedy show.  So, I wonder if Stewart should take any responsibility in missing the financial crisis?  Oh, of course not…because he isn’t a journalist.

In any case, Stewart ripped Cramer apart.  But ultimately, wasn’t this the case of two liberals arguing over who is the bigger blowhard?  I find that kind of humerous.  Stewart is hilarious, even for a liberal ;-).  This is must see TV…