Is Obama Jimmy Carter 2.0?


This is not a new allegation.  We have heard Republicans throw the derogatory comment around since last year.  But now, after seeing the first couple months of the Obama Administration, one has to wonder.  And the parrellels are staggering, and worrying.

Mr. Obama, like Jimmy Carter, was a new voice from outside Washington.  He stated he would begin a new era of honest politicians i.e. an era of responsibility.  People forget that Carter’s folksy speaking style was lauded at the time, especially coming out of Watergate.  He was honest appearing, down to earth, and connected to the public.  Sound familiar?  But Obama is making a simple mistake; during the campaign he was popular specifically because he didn’t get in to any details.  He spoke in high minded rhetoric, talking about ‘change’.  Now, he is trying to govern, and people are starting to realize that there is no man behind the curtain.

Jimmy Carter, like Obama, had an inherent problem once he got into office.  He couldn’t connect with the American people.  Mr. Obama is great in front of a teleprompter, but when he starts talking to an audience, you hear crickets.  The inauguration and the Jay Leno interview are perfect examples.  The inaugural speech was lauded as great, but can anyone remember anything from it six weeks later?  And the Leno interview…the biggest headline from that was regarding the comment about bowling and the Special Olympics…not a good sign.

Mr. Obama is following the Jimmy Carter gameplan to a T.  He is bringing change, without really thinking about the repercussions of change.  He has brought outside experts (ala Timothy Geithner) who have no ability to play in the political scene.  Mr. Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and David Axelord (I am starting to call them the WHC – the White House Cabal, in honor of Robert Gibbs) are trying to micromanage the situation, moving more and more power out of various Secretary’s hands and into the White House.  Don’t believe me?  When was the last time you saw Hillary Clinton?  I think they threw her in Dick Cheney’s underground bunker.  Foreign policy is being run at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, not Foggy Bottom; just another example of the micromanaging of this White House, something that Jimmy Carter was known for.

Speaking of foreign policy, Mr. Obama is an idealogue along the lines of Carter, instead of pragamatist along the lines of Bill Clinton.  Carter supported human rights, and thus let the overthrow of the Shah of Iran.  That worked out fantastically to this day.  Barack Obama’s speech to Iran is nice, but meaningless.  The people of Iran like America just fine; it is the leadership that we have problems with.  Mr. Obama better learn that fact very soon.

Obama has considered bartering the Strategic Defense Initiative in order to get peace deals with Russia, North Korea, and others.  This in response to countries that threaten our allies, threaten our military (what is with those Russian bombers and our navy?), and ever increasing threats of placing nuclear capable weapons in Cuba and Venezuela.  You wonder why these countries are becoming more aggressive; the more aggressive they are, the more complacent Mr. Obama is.

On domestic policy, Jimmy Carter was a classic leftist, believing in the the left’s truth that America was the cause of many of the world’s problems.  When forced to choose between the private market and the government, Carter always chose the latter.  And that had dramatically poor results for the nation.  Carter lied about the firing of U.S. Attorney David Marston, who had been investigating a PA Democratic congressman for corruptions.  I don’t know if Mr. Obama has lied, but there has certainly been a lack of honesty regarding the AIG fiasco.  Whent the US faced a genuine crisis, such as the Iran hostage criss or the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Carter was at a loss.  During Barack Obama’s first political crisis, Mr. Obama seems at a loss as well.  He was ‘stunned’ by the AIG bonus story, although he should have known about it for months.

Both Carter and Obama make people feel better in the short term, by saying government is the magic bullet and can solve most of our complicated problems.  However, our policies must be effective in the long term.  These liberal policies often don’t work, as Mr. Carter’s presidency and history have shown.  Now, just look at Mr. Carter’s career and his decades out of office.  Now, think of that liberalism in the White House, and you have our 44th President, Barack H. Obama.

One Difference...Carter didn't use a teleprompter...
One Difference...Carter didn't use a teleprompter...

2 thoughts on “Is Obama Jimmy Carter 2.0?

  • March 21, 2009 at 8:24 am

    How true! It’s going to be a ridiculous four years ahead..

  • March 22, 2009 at 8:04 am

    I guess 2.0 is to kind it should 2.0 enhanced because he has shown stupidity enhancement above 1.0. However is fair to say that that Obama has shown as well greatly enhanced signs of Narcissism not present in Carter.

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