Party of No?


I say YES!

I love liberals.  They rarely look at themselves for facts.  Their power for self-reflection ends at the mirror in the morning.

Let me simply ask:  How did Democrats win the majority they currently hold?   How did they elect their ideal Democrat, liberal president?

They used the politics of no.

It is a simple fact.  Did Democrats win majorities by agreeing with George W. Bush?  I don’t think so.  They fought Bush tooth and nail on virtually everything.  Oh, sure, they were supportive immediately after 9/11, but excluding that, which major policy initiatives were supported, say, by Nancy Pelosi (well, outside of harsh interrogations…)?

Democrats won specifically because they said no to a president that they, and as time went on, the public disagreed with. That is the way all minority parties define themselves.  They don’t have the bully pulpit the President has; they always define themselves not by what they are, but what they are not; they define themselves in relation to those in power.  That is the nature of politics.

In the same vein, the left is dragging out the concept of the ever smaller big tent of the Republican Party.  They point to Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh ‘kicking’ Colin Powell out of the party.

Um, what?

I am sorry, but the media has this completely backward.  David Frum, a sometimes conservative, laments that the Powell has been pushed out of the party.  I am sorry, but Colin Powell left the Republican Party, NOT the other way around.

Look, I admire Gen. Powell.  I think he is a great American, and he has every right to voice his opinion.  That said, he is no Republican.  And that isn’t the fault of Republicans; we didn’t vote him out, we didn’t ask him to leave; he left of his own accord.

In fact, the Republican Party did the most extreme thing it could in trying to keep Gen. Powell; they nominated a moderate, relatively mild conservative in John McCain for President.  Mr. McCain should have been the ideal Powell candidate; and yet, Powell chose Barack Obama instead.

That speaks volumes.

John McCain is certainly not the candidate of the ‘No’ Party.  No, he says yes to Democrats plenty.  And it did not serve him well on the national level.

Even more so, the Republicans never did what the Democrats did just four years ago:  kick out a moderate member.  Lest we forget, Joe Lieberman was kicked out, voted out, excluded from the Democratic Party.  Unlike Republicans, he was purposely driven out of the party; it was not his own choice.  And I am sorry, which party was the big tent party?  Republicans gave Gen. Powell, Arlen Specter, and others a choice; Democrats didn’t give Joe Lieberman that same choice.  Misters Powell and Specter are more than welcome to return the Republican when they see fit…although I am sure their political clout will be much diminished.  And I am more than happy to welcome moderates ala Charlie Crist of Florida. Unlike Democrats, we will not push members out, but are more than ready to welcome members in.

So, when liberals ask do Republicans want to be a small tent party, just tell them we will follow the Democratic Party path to success.

And when they ask, do we just want to be the party of No?

I respond, with confidence:  YES.  Absolutely.