Torture Interrogations: Democrat Hypocrisy Grows…

The Democrats hypocrisy on the terror interrogations is growing daily, and is becoming ludicrous.

First there was Nancy Pelosi, saying she never knew about waterboarding, and then being caught in a bold-faced lie.  Karl Rove has a good evaluation of her attempts at lying, and the timeline of events, in the Wall Street Journal.  Even her head staffer now states that Ms. Pelosi knew about the waterboarding within weeks of it occurring.   It has gotten so bad for Pelosi that the Democrat Majority leader, Steny Hoyer, yesterday implied that Pelosi  should be investigated if hearings go forward.  Almost makes you wondering if their is trouble in the Democratic tent…And the cherry on top?  Even libby Jon Stewart thinks Pelosi’s lying is pathetic.

On Thursday, Pelosi tried to defend herself by saying the C.I.A. lies all the time, and all this misunderstanding is because of their lies.  So, she has basically declared war on the CIA.  Brilliant.  You can see her absolutely perfectly horrendous attempt at lying her way out of the controversy below:

In their attempt to ‘circle the wagons’, things have gotten uglier.  Dianne Feinstein this week tried to defend Ms. Pelosi…and made things worse:  “I think it’s a tempest in a teapot really to say: Well, Speaker Pelosi should have known all of this, she should have stopped this, she should have done this or done that,” she said.  “I don’t want to make an apology for anybody, but in 2002, it wasn’t 2006, 07, 08 or 09. It was right after 9/11, and there were in fact discussions about a second wave of attacks.”

That makes it sound like she is defending waterboarding and the Bush policy, right?

And then their is Chuck Schumer, who seen defending interrogations in 2004, and now asking for prosecutions.  Even the MSNBC hacks are having difficulty.  Chris Matthews now says that he would of course torture. He would do this only if the U.S. was under imminent threat.

Um, what does he think was happening in the days after September 11th, 2001, after almost 3,000 people died on American soil?

These same allegations came the same day that Ali Soufan, a former FBI interrogator, testified before Congress.  Soufan famously interrogated CIA detainee Abu Zubaydah.  He took issue with former Vice President Dick Cheney, saying that the harsh interrogation techniques did not provide any actionable intelligence.  Soufan is a reliable witness, but the extent of his knowledge on the interrogation program is limited; he was only involved with it for a few short months.  Additionally, there are numerous other witnesses arguing against Soufan’s own testimony.

The reality is that even for Democrats, these harsh interrogations made sense in the post-9/11 period.  They knew the risks, because they were being informed of intelligence on Al Qaeda, and were willing to take the tough decisions in stride.  Now, in hindsight, why are they going backward?  It is simple:  their extreme left colleagues are demanding it., George Soros, etc…they want heads to roll.  The only problem is, that these lefties were ignorant that their own team was intimately involved with the decisions being made.  Sure, President Bush definitely must take the most responsibility, but at least some responsibility falls on Congress, considering they are supposed to be providing oversight on the Executive branch.

The flip flopping doesn’t stop with Congress.  President Obama appears to be flipping on whether the White House will release the pictures of ‘abuse’ that they have been threatening for weeks.  Someone, apparently one of the few adults in the administration, realized that this would endanger our servicemen overseas.  Well, duh.  Right wing pundits have been screaming this for months…apparently rational thinking has crept into the White House.  Apparently, for Mr. Obama, what was ‘vital for transparency’ two months ago is no longer vital.

Of course, the most interesting thing will be watching Code Pink and others have a fit; if a few don’t have seizures based on this news, I will be surprised.  Wonder how Ms. Garofalo will react.  Oh well.  Sit back and watch…it will be better than dinner theater.