Uighars in Paradise…Will Obama Send Me To The Beach?

c/o Michael Ramirez, IBD
c/o Michael Ramirez, IBD

Our friends, the Chinese Uighurs, are on their way to paradise…paid for by yours truly, the American taxpayer.


Of course, this has not a all been smooth sailing.

First, some of the Uighurs don’t want to go to Palau, which has no Muslim community.

Second, there is an international mess now regarding this.

Bermuda has agreed to take 4 of the Uighurs, while the tiny nation of Palau has agreed to take the rest of them.  Of course, this doesn’t sit pretty with the natives, who largely depend on tourism in both island nations.

In Palau, the decision by Johnson Toribiong, president of the obscure Pacific nation of Palau, to take in up to 13 Uighurs — Muslim Chinese — currently being held at Guantanamo is meeting some resistance from the general population.  He agreed to take them…for the price tag of $200 million.  Not bad, considering the nation’s GDP last year was only about $160 million.  But the public still isn’t happy, and many fear that this will hurt their only real industry, tourism from the United States.

Much the same can be said in Bermuda.  The United Bermuda Party today moved for a motion of no confidence against the Government led by Premier Ewart Brown.  Opposition leader Kim Swan proposed the motion in the House of Assembly this morning.  Brown had conveniently avoided to talk to his own ministers about the deal.  What made it worse is that Bermuda is technically British soil, and Obama never contacted the Brits about the deal.  Premier Brown never bothered to consult with the British Foreign Office or the Governor, which created an angry exchange today.  The Obama administration attempted to shove blame onto Brown, claiming the White House assumed Brown was handling the Brits.

This, in turn, caused a ruckus in London.  William Hague, the British shadow foreign secretary, demanded an explanation from Foreign Secretary David Miliband and said the (British) government appeared to have “lost grip of running the country” amid internal Labour party rows over Gordon Brown’s future.  The BBC is reporting that British officials were purposely kept in the dark, knowing they would potentially raise protestations to the deportation.

The final nail in the coffin?  The Chinese are furious, because they considered the Uighurs there citizens, and list them as a terrorists group.  China demanded the Uighurs be returned to them for prosecution.

So lovely.  Obama and Hillary Clinton, in one single swoop, have destabilitzed the governments of Palau, Bermuda, and caused a uproar in England and China.  Well, Obama did promise change…

This doesn’t even discuss the potential danger of releasing these people.  The Uighars may not be dangerous to America…but doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.  Obama has started releasing these prisoners because of political expediency, some of whom are much more dangerous than the Uighars.  Let us hope that it doesn’t come back to haunt us.

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  • June 12, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Of course this might be the work of VP Biden… he is the ‘foreign policy guy’. ; )

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