Why Middle America Is Really Angry


Liberals and media types are shocked (SHOCKED!!!) that anyone, anywhere isn’t bowing down at the alter of Barack H. Obama.

Shouldn’t we just trust he knows what is right, and will take care of all of us?

The anger that has risen to a boil over health care reform was very predictable.  In fact, I predicted it back in February.  What happened?  Well, the Democrats, looking at only the inside the beltway political landscape, rushed the Stimulus bill, TARP II, Cap-and-Trade, and finally the health care reform package as fast as possible through Congress.  And they did this for a very well reasoned reason:  they knew that if it was slowed down, that all of those bills would fail.  Simply, the provisions in none of those bills makes a lick of sense.

With the rush of health care, Obama finally bit off more than he can chew.  Health care, unlike the other bills, directly and intimately involves all 305 million people in this country.  That, frankly, is why it is such an important issue.  But the intimacy of the issue also goes to the heart of the matter.

So far, there has been one simple question that Democrats have been either unable or unwiling to answer.  That is, how will this reform package be better than what we have now?

And the response, when asked to everyone from the President of the United States to the lowliest Congressman in the House of Representatives?  Silence.

There is no answer.  Frankly, I have now completed reading the House bill…and other than hopes and dreams, there is nothing tangible in the bill that will maintain or cap costs.

Here is another reason.  The power base of this country is simply not listening to the middle class in America.  People understand the money we have spent is actually our children’s and grandchildren’s money.  We are borrowing from future generations, and apparently Congress doesn’t care.

You have media types painting the protesters as racist, fringe element types.  Here is an example:  on MSNBC on Friday, they spent much of the day attacking Rush Limbaugh for comparing the Democrats push for health care to Nazism.  I agree, it was an extreme statement…but it was also a parody.  It was in response to Nancy Pelosi claiming protesters were carrying swastikas…a statement, by the way, that MSNBC never showed on the air.


The hypocrisy is blatant and apparent, and Americans are not so stupid to be fooled by it.  Similar events such as when Dick Durbin called our CIA Nazi-like…or even Barack Obama calling our justice system Nazi-like in 2001…or even Nancy Pelosi earlier this week; those statements got no coverage, but Rush Limbaugh’s comment somehow is newsworthy.  Americans are smarter than that.

Even Peggy Noonan, far from a right wing zealot, thinks the Democrats and White House attack on the protesters is absurd.

All of this is unnecessarily and unhelpfully divisive and provocative. They are mocking and menacing concerned citizens. This only makes a hot situation hotter. Is this what the president wants? It couldn’t be. But then in an odd way he sometimes seems not to have fully absorbed the awesome stature of his office. You really, if you’re president, can’t call an individual American stupid, if for no other reason than that you’re too big. You cannot allow your allies to call people protesting a health-care plan “extremists” and “right wing,” or bought, or Nazi-like, either. They’re citizens. They’re concerned. They deserve respect.

Additionally, they keep talking about organized efforts to kill health care reform.  Sorry, are the labor unions or Moveon.org not organized efforts from the left?  And what is the difference?

And finally, when violence ensued on Thursday night at several meetings, who were the perpetrators of most of the violence?  It was supporters of Obamacare, not the protesters.  Rep. Russ Carnahan, at his townhall, attacked the health care opposition.  When asked what he thought that almost all of the people arrested were Democrat and Obamacare supporters…he had no real answer.  And remember, it was an African-American conservative protester in St. Louis; a business man in Tampa; a ordinary citizen in Houston.  It wasn’t Congressmen or Democrats being injured…it was just the reverse.

Simply, as bad as distrust was in the Bush Administration last fall, Obama and Democrats have pulled off a miracle:  they are now almost as mistrusted.  Americans have lost faith that Obama is anything but a left wing idealogue, unwilling to compromise or listen to any dissent.

I really believe that Barack Obama’s comments about the ‘stupid’ cops in Boston arresting Prof. Gates was a turning point.  Here was the epitome of an elitist, the President, admitting he was ignorant of the facts of a case, biased because Gates was his friend…and still criticizing cops.  It was ridiculous, and middle America reacted.  They simply did not want the President to sit their and sit in judgement of ordinary Americans (in this case, Police officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts) doing their jobs.

Many middle Americans have lost faith in the Democratic Party for one simple reason:  because they are not doing what they said they would do.  Mr. Obama has broken pledge after pledge, and he has only been in office 6 months.  And at this point, they don’t trust his pledge to protect people’s healthcare, to prevent tax increases on the middle class, or any other promise he is making.  His recent press conferences have made things worse, as it often appears that he has no idea what is in his own health care bill.

So let Democrats and the media call middle Americans names, and accuse them of horrendous crimes.  We are doing nothing more than voicing our political opinions.  There is no more sacred American right than that.

And the more the oppositions tries to shut our voices…the more angry we will get.

UPDATE: Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press has an excellent editorial that you can read here.

You want to see real time what Obama’s allies the SEIU are doing…here you go:





9 thoughts on “Why Middle America Is Really Angry

  • August 7, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Excellent article. I think that the annointed one has lost his magic and is being seen for what he really is, a left wing socialist.

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  • August 8, 2009 at 8:54 am

    What is sad, is how the masses of everyday middle-America can actually surprised by any of this! The blame should be directed not at the tried and true libs who would have voted for anyone and anything with the democrat label, but at the supposedly reasonable-thinking Americans who failed to listen to the warnings about who and what Obama is. Instead, they simply fell in line, thinking that anything will be better than another “Bush”. It was that huge block of voters that really elected him.
    So now we have a full-blown socialist who disguised “hope and change” from what it really meant: the remaking of America.
    Now, my disgust is with anyone of those middle-Americans who dare admits that “gee, maybe I made a mistake with my vote”. Our only hope is that a serious lesson has been learned and that, like the old song says, they “won’t get fooled again!”….and that it won’t be too late.

  • August 8, 2009 at 9:38 am

    I knew what Obama was from the beginning. I was born and raised in Chicago and very familiar with the values and intent in the political arena. I just could not and still now, understand how people could be taken in by him. He has very powerful backing, rest assured. America has a problem.

  • August 8, 2009 at 11:09 am

    Considering that Obummer is a narcissist, he will only retaliate against dissenting citizens. This is what happened in St. Louis with the SEUI goons.
    Believe me Americans, this is just the beginning. The more Americans protest the more brutal this administration and his thugs will become.
    Look at his latest speech telling Americans to “get out of the way”.
    We are in for a very long bumpy ride.
    Oh, I by the way turned myself in to his snitch website because I smell something “fishy”. Watch out what you say in “casual conversation”.
    God help us.

  • August 9, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    There are no surprises in this. The first thing of note in the video were the very tank like Union thugs. No big deal… big people go down too. What is distrubing about all the rhetoric and lopsided coverage is who the media and democrats side with.

    History time: The die ins and all the other stunts from the left in the beginning of the Wars. Most recent was the election issues concerning Franken, homeless voters, the desire to allow voting rights for illegals and criminals… etc. While any shennanigan is fine for those that support the left it is a bitter irony that free speech and Consitutional rights are, shall we say, optional for those that disagree with them.

    I say let them send their big people. We all have cell phones and video cameras. We will make asses of them online. They want to up the ante… are they sure? Really and truly sure? It may not be such a great idea. Past can become prologue in many respects. Please don’t expect all of us to just roll over and foot the bills.

  • August 9, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    I am probably a minority on this site, but I had to weigh in on the discussion so far. I am a Democrat and voted for Obama, I am sorry to say. I was willing to give him a chance, and he was certainly the lesser of two evils. The silly arguments about him being “socialist” or “communist” are in fact ridiculous if you actually look at what he is doing. Or even have a cursory background in economics.

    While Paul Krugman and other elites can laugh all they want at people at town hall meetings who say “Don’t mess with my Medicare,” and Sarah Palin, who I think is as dumb as dirt have publicly called the president to task, they have a point, although not quite the right one.

    What the president has done, in his typical two faced fashion, is create a lose lose situation for everyone except the rich oligarchs, politically connected, and those who have anything to do with the corporate medicare industry.

    The deal he just announced was that he was going to give up the government’s right to negotiate with the drug companies on pharmaceuticals for Medicare and Medicaid recipients, including doing deals with other countries to import exactly the same drugs, including generics, just not one that is marked up outrageously. It’s also why he stupidly opposes medical marijuana, which in places like Europe and even Canada, in trials funded by the US government by the way, chemicals from good old mary jane have been found to be more efficacious, cheaper and with fewer side effects than many of the overpriced drugs on the market for many of the most devastating disabilities we have no cure for. Including TBI, which the president has personal responsibility for creating thanks to the extension of both wars.

    It is federal law that NO company is allowed to sell its product for less than they charge the government, which effectively means that in making this deal, not only did Obama indeed “mess with Medicare” but it also means that the industry will be dictating prices for the government, and the pharma industry will be able to charge obscenely outrageous prices for everyone else, marked up even more. And you won’t be able to buy your drugs from overseas anymore. I believe that the president has just broken the law. The 1973 Rehab Act. Because Congress and the states are routinely cutting services and Medical care, including those with disabilities, most of whom survive on government healthcare, because they can’t get jobs because of rampant discrimination, something Obama hasn’t done jack about by the way. And violates equal access by 20% of the country to equal opportunity to access the same services and rights as anyone else. Ooops. There’s a class action for any bright young lawyer who wants to take it on and win. And shows you exactly how much Obama doesn’t care jack about discrimination except when its against his black elite friends from Harvard.

    The people of course who this will hurt most are children, those with disabilities and the elderly. I’d argue that the cutbacks going on in most of the states already are a violation of both federal and state law. Why isn’t this being prosecuted?

    Obama doesn’t give a crap about any of these issues though. He wants to get “his agenda” accomplished. No matter how crappy it is. Plus the devils in the details don’t matter to him. He’s a millionaire with a promising future of book deals, speaker’s tours, corporate board fees etc. after office. And married to a woman with a history of patient dumping.

    As usual, it’s me me me me first.

    Screw the country, I’m in charge, and I can do whatever I want. That is how he thinks, acts and has done, ever since he’s been elected to office.

    That said, I don’t hold him entirely responsible. Congress is just as guilty. But the deal the president cut on pharma pricing was absolutely horrific, immoral and illegal. And typical of his disdain for anyone who isn’t perfect (like him of course). And became powerful by surrounding himself and taking money from slumlords and shady characters of all kinds who ripped off almost everyone to get rich.

    Personally I think the bastard should be impeached for just this alone.

    I don’t think the Republicans are any better.

    But until Americans finally wake up and get aware of the fact that this is more about “left” and “right” and “black” and “white” and more about a fundamental change in the way our economy works, not to mention the way we operate as a country, we will be faced, election after election, with the same old crap.

    It’s just that Obama was exceptionally good at covering up his past with concrete, and sucking up to a corporate America that has gotten more powerful in even the last eight years, who see no reason for reform at all. Why on earth do you think the pharma industry would be backing him if it in any way hurt their bottom line? Which is EXACTLY what Obama promised to do as a candidate, and the only way to reform the industry.

  • August 9, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    I agree with you generally. But exactly the reasons you give is why I was generally against Obama last fall…I never saw him as anything but an idealogue.

  • August 9, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Gee, imagine voting all republican next time around and see where that will get us.

    This game is over.

    3rd party all the way.

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