Everyone’s A Racist

Everyone is a racist.

Well, not really everyone.  Just anyone that disagrees with Barack Obama.

Atleast that is the opinion of that great former President Jimmy Carter.  Carter this week stated that much of the protests against Obama are based on race, and race alone.

Now, normally I wouldn’t take Carter seriously, because frankly, he has become a joke.  You know it is bad when even Democrats don’t want to hear from him.  Heck, Obama himself distanced himself from Carter in last year’s Presidential election.  But the racism charge is becoming more and more prevalent, and not just among nuts on the left.  You hear it on the mainstream media as well.  David Schuster (who I strain myself in calling a journalist) has made this claim numerous times.  But even more respected journalists have hinted along the same lines.

This reminds me of a story in my past.  I went to the University of Michigan, a proud member of the liberal elite.  In my freshman year, they were proposing on changing Columbus Day to ‘Indigenous People’s Day’.  Of course, the reason was the Christopher Columbus was an evil European hell bent on destroying innocents in the New World.  Well, innocent little me, I thought this was ludicrous.  Not that I was against Indigenous people…more that revisionist history had no place in an institution of higher learning.  And so I wrote a letter to the opinion page of the newspaper, basically ridiculing the entire thing.

Within days, I was getting the most vicious hate mail.  I even got a few letters that could be considered death threats.  Most of the letters complained how ignorant I was, as someone who grew up in a white household, had no colored people as friends, and clearly had not been exposed to the world.

The irony of this story:  I AM NOT WHITE.

My friends really got a kick out of the whole thing.  The irony also was that people that hated me would never find me, because they were obviously looking for a pasty white individual.  And here I was, a scrawny Indian-American kid, who could comfortably walk around in the diverse melting pot of America.

Jimmy Carter, the true fool he is, has thrown a grenade into a crowded room.  First, there is a slim minority of the country that are racist…and this will just fuel their illogical fire.  Second, those of us that are not racist and still against many of Obama’s proposals will be even more annoyed by being called racists.  Many independents that are open to Obama but against overspending do not like being called racists, and it will be harder for them to support Democrats.  The White House realizes this, instantly distancing themselves from Carter’s comments this morning, specifically stating that the Tea Party movement is not racist.  That shows you how worried they are about this issue.

At some point, maybe some of us should claim being called a racist as a badge of honor.  I have said this before, and said it again:  the liberal cry of racism is often their last ditch effort to win an argument that they know they are losing.