Olympia Snowe: RINO, Defector…And Possible Saviour?

c/o Michael Ramirez, IBD Editorial
c/o Michael Ramirez, IBD Editorial

I am no fan of Olympia Snowe.  I often wonder why she was ever a Republican.  And like many conservatives, I question how much ‘conservatism’ goes into any of her thought decisions.

I can find very little to like about the Baucus bill in the Senate.  Sure, using funny numbers, you can reduce the deficit.  That is the only good thing you can say.  Other than that, it doesn’t tackle tort reform, doesn’t give individuals free choice in their insurance choices, doesn’t allow to buy over state lines…and long term, will not reduce costs.

That said, I am going to make a case defending Olympia Snowe.

Snowe now is the KEY person in this debate.  Not Harry Reid, not Nancy Pelosi.  The Obama Administration‘s key goal the last few months was to get moderates, both Republican and Democrat, to come along.  Snowe is the harbinger of this.  I doubt she will pull more than 1 or 2 more Republicans, possibly a Susan Collins or George Voinovich, but she is unlikely to be able to convince any other Republicans to go along.  But the key here is that she gives cover to moderate Democrats, such as Evan Bayh and Blanche Lincoln.  Those 8-10 moderate Democrats, many of whom are up for re-election in 2010, are the key.

Obama never wanted to use reconciliation.  He never wanted to make this a more partisan debate.  And Snowe’s ‘defection’ allows him that.

The problem is, his base will be furious.  The left, led by Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean, have demanded the public option.  The Unions are banding together against the Baucus bill, because of the tax on ‘Cadillac health plans’, which many union households have.  Snowe’s vote basically makes that impossible.  She is the leader of the bipartisan moderates now.  She will have a seat at the table with Harry Reid in the Senate, and likely has the weight of the White House behind her.  More than likely, any bill that expands costs and government power will be virtually vetoed by her…including the public option.

I would never have voted for this bill.  EVER.  It is a terrible bill, that long term will not reduce costs.  That said, when we look back, we may thank Ms. Snowe from protecting us from much, much worse.

2 thoughts on “Olympia Snowe: RINO, Defector…And Possible Saviour?

  • October 14, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    God, I hope you are right in this analysis.

    Is it time for Tea again? Yes, I think it may be…

  • October 14, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    The Problem isn’t Bush or Obama or Fox.
    The problem has many fingers and they are both Republican and Democrat on one vs. the other.
    1) They are in bed with who ever will give them money to be re elected
    2) Some of our biggest problems today including healthcare come from those campaign contributions. Follow the money – from Fran & Fred, AIG, GM, GE, trial lawyers…
    3) Follow the ties from number 2. There line between government and business becomes fuzzy
    4) They write laws that apply to me and you but not them (health care bill is a case in point)
    5) They are spending (BOTH PARTIES) more than we have. When the bank is taking your house you don’t go out and buy a city block. But that is just what our congress is doing.
    If they want to fix the problems we face then congress needs to make some changes that affect them first.
    1) They should be paid the average of their district or state.
    2) Their health plan should be the same as every other government employee and that should be Medicare.
    3) There should be no pension
    4) If we are going to permit campaign contributions 100% of them should be posted to the public the whole time they are running and in office. The party given and their business owner ship interest and employment should be posted with it.
    5) If they have a tax violation there out – no questions ask.
    6) If they are using federal funds of property for personal gain – they are out.
    7) They should fly on the same public plans that we use.

    Lets look at some real issues our schools in major cities have a 50% drop out rate. Your tax dollars are being used to providing free – food, housing cell phone and in some case money to buy flat screen TV’s, and soon health care. I ask you with all this being free why should your kids go to school or get a job? How long till the money dries up due to the lake of will to work? Look around the world it has and is happening already in other countries.

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