No More RINOs


Well, thank you Dierdre K. Scozzafava.

A day after pulling out of the 23rd New York Congressional special election, this lovely woman who was 48 hours ago campaigning for Republican votes…endorsed her Democratic rival in the election over the conservative, Doug Hoffman.

Those in the camp of the Conservative candidate Douglas L. Hoffman called Ms. Scozzafava a turncoat.  “This afternoon Dede Scozzafava betrayed the GOP,“ Senior Communications Advisor Rob Ryan said in a statement. “She endorsed a Pelosi Democrat who will spend more, tax more, and push the liberal agenda that is dragging down this nation.”

Scozzafava proved to all of us what she truly was…not a Republican, but simply a Democrat in RINO clothing.

For so many years, conservatives have had to cower to moderates.  When moderates have run, Conservatives have had to quietly endorse them, for ‘the good of the party’.  Which is fine.  I consider myself a moderate on many issues, and conservatives should be able to accept moderate political though for the benefit of a ‘big tent’ party.

Yet, when the reverse is asked for, in this case so called moderate Scozzafava’s endorsement, what does she do?  She goes and endorses the Democrat, who supports higher taxes and higher government spending.

This really comes down to what the political right in this country wants to stand for.  I think social issues are important but not critical to who we are.  But government policy, especially on taxes and spending, identify us as who we are. If we cannot unite on that simple core issue, then we are not a party worthy of national prominence.

With this debacle in the NY-23, clearly the local GOP apparatus must all resign.  I would also call for the resignation of Pete Sessions of the NRCC.  Conservatives knew from the beginning that this candidacy was a joke, and Scozzafava just proved it today.  Newt Gingrich and others that briefly supported her are going to have to answer a simple question:  Why would you ever support such a person, who doesn’t agree with any principles of the Republican party?

The Republican party can only be a truly strong party if we hold to basic conservative principles.  We are the party of individual rights over government power.  We  are the party of fiscal freedom over burdensome government regulation.  We believe in the free market over central control.  We believe in a strong military as the backbone of peace in the world.  Sure, there are many other issues, mostly social ones, which we will quibble about and can discuss, but at the heart of the conservative movement are these beliefs.  And even in the ‘big tent’ Republican party, it is unacceptable when a candidate falls outside of these simple definitions.

The Party itself must answer for this.  They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a woman who endorsed a left wing Democrat.  A party that cannot even vet its own candidates is a party bereft of any central core beliefs.  We must do better.

One thought on “No More RINOs

  • November 2, 2009 at 6:47 am

    Hence why I am an independent who generally votes republican, or rather: Freedom and Liberty first.

    I won’t be owned by a party. Being from the Northeast where most of my ideals and values tend to be sacrificed for the moderates who appeal to no one: I resent the GOP establishment.

    Why vote for a fake liberal when you get a real one in the democrat? What is sad is that rather than foster the ideals that made conservatism great the moderates seek to hijack the movement and demean the base in the process. They believe they own the base and they will have no choice but to vote for who they give.

    The problem for this line of thought is that conservatives may quietly try to support the lesser of evils but we are sick to death of being shafted at our expense. The time will come where the GOP will not be able to force this garbage down the voters throats any more.

    Newt Gingrich and some of the other politicos also have some answering to do. This holds true for ‘O-really O’Reilly’ on Fox. Many have questioned who they really are and what they truly stand for over the years.

    Is it reversible? Perhaps, however, we don’t accept or tolerate the Marion Barry types the other side will. So we won’t knowingly go vote for candidates unworthy. In the last Presidential election the die hard democrats would have voted for Stalin had he been reincarnated…

    The entirety of the American public deserve better than most of what has been coming from both parties. While these jokers vote for their pay raises, sweetheart pension deals and luxury health care they have lowered the expectations for the rest of us. Seeking to make us all envy each other they live large. Regardless of party affiliation can anyone really feel good about being suckered?!?

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