Obama and the Liberal Idea Of Fairness…

Barack Obama, as all liberals do, talks often about fairness.  But what they really mean is something much darker.  We had two examples of that recently.

The first was the ongoing war against Fox News.   National Public Radio (which is now led by lackeys of Obama) have been pressuring Mara Liasson, one of their key political reporters, to stop appearing on Fox News because of perceived political bias.

The Politico reports that Liasson was called to the offices of NPR’s key executive editors in New York, and was asked to reconsider appearing on shows such as ‘Special Report’ and ‘Fox News Sunday’.  Liasson responded that she had seen no perceptible change in the reporting on Fox, and she would continue to appear on the network.

This comes after NPR asked Juan Williams, another Fox contributor, to stop referring himself as a NPR political contributor.

First, kudos to Mara Liasson (and Juan Williams, for that matter) for standing up for her journalistic principles.

NPR’s argument is that Liasson is supposed to be the voice of the left, and as such, is painting NPR as a leftist outlet.  Well, first of all, Liasson has little to do with that perception…NPR’s coverage has much more to do with it.  I am an avid listener of NPR, but I know what it is:  a voice for the political left of this country.

Second, numerous other personalities from NPR appear on NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, and ABC news shows, and have not come under fire.

This is a case of journalism trying to achieve political purity, instead of being fair to the facts and ideas in the public arena.


On a slightly different, but in many ways similar, note, Obama this weekend again showed that his rhetoric does not match his actions.

First, the White House enacted executive privilege this week…to protect their social secretary from having to testify before Congress on the White House party crashers, and its implications regarding national security.  Are you kidding?  What kind of high security information is this lady holding?  It is a joke waiting to happen.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, Obama held a closed door session with Democratic Senators in a discussion about health care.  Frankly, I have no problem with that…the person who had issue with such a meeting was Obama himself!  Obama stated numerous times that all meetings such as these should be covered by news outlets because, in his words, transparency would cleanse the corruption in Washington.

Well, I guess that didn’t last long.  Obama has again broken a promise of having open meetings in the White House.  When the Bush Administration did such things, it was corrupt.  When Obama does it, it is for the greater good.

There were several important points that the public should know from that meeting.  First, Obama talked for 30 minutes, and NEVER mentioned the public option.  Was that purposeful, or another mental slip?

Politicians say useless things all the time.  That is nothing new. But we should hold them accountable when they are so hypocritical.


So, in the end, what is my point?  Simple.  The left uses the concept of ‘fairness’ only as a political tool.  They attacked Republicans for ‘purity’ tests within their party.  The irony is, if you are going to have purity, a party is the place to have it…not within a newsroom.  No, as with Obama’s closed door policy, liberals want to control access to information.  They don’t even want you to know what they are doing, and they want to tamper down criticism.  This is not much of an issue when Republicans are in power; most news outlets are liberal, and naturally will be good watchdogs of the political process.  It is much more worrisome in a climate of only one conservative watchdog, Fox News, versus  the liberal intelligentsia.  The public should always be worried when people are trying to restrict the flow of information.  It is the lifeblood of democracy.

One thought on “Obama and the Liberal Idea Of Fairness…

  • December 7, 2009 at 10:10 am

    This would not be such a bitter irony if this was not a main concept behind the Obama candidacy before the election. It would normally be expected (also completely understandable for security issues) that somethings never see light of day.

    When you run on the new way of hope and change, however, you should be far more accountable. This was his standard as put forth in his campaign. It is his most strident failure to date.

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