The Liberal Lie About Terror

Rich.   Educated.  Westernized.

Poor.  Ignorant. Uneducated.

Which is the group most likely to be a terrorist?

Liberals would say the second.  And they would be wrong.  As usual.

Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al Zawahiri, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed…and now Detroit airline potential bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.  These were all educated men, largely educated in Western instituitions.  And most came from wealthy, if not absurdly wealthy backgrounds.  Even the majority of the 19 9/11 hijackers fit the same profile.

Obama frequently talks about how the economic and democratic deficiencies in the third world are leading to the terror risk.  That is simply not the case.  None of the facts back up this claim.

The conflict is based on twisted ideology of an ancient religion.  Islam, like Christianity, certainly has its violent aspects, but at the heart of both religions is love and understanding.  In many ways, historically at least, Islam was a more accepting religion.  But in the current environment, Islam has allowed certain fringe elements to hijack its central message, and distort it for their own convoluted world view.

Although there are certainly many  poor members of Al Qaeda and other groups, they don’t appear to be the heart and soul of these organizations.  The leaders are well educated rich individuals that, like many movements, use their intelligence to manipulate the masses. 

In this sense, Islamofascism has many links to other forms of Fascism, whether it be Nazism, Communism, etc.  The leaders mold the masses into believing whatever they want them to believe, and use their belief system(in this case, Islam) to achieve that goal.

The irony is that it seems that George W. Bush had a much better grasp of the issue than Barack Obama.  For all his supposed intelligence, Obama falls into the classic liberal trap that believes that social pressures largely influence the creation of these movements.  Bush, it appears, was much closer to the truth.  This is about obtaining power for a few rich and intelligent individuals that are using religion to manipulate people to achieve their goals.  Economic, democratic, and other social assistance will not alter the terror landscape in any significant way if this is the case. 

And this goes to the heart of the future failure of the Obama doctrine.  Obama simply does not  believe there is actually good and evil.  He largely believes the world is made up of shades of gray, and the ultimately even members of Al Qaeda have some twisted rationale for their acts of terror.   In Obama’s world, these people are criminals that can be rehabilitated, not war criminals. 

The War on Terror cannot be won by people who simply don’t understand the underlying dynamic of this generational conflict.  That is what worries me most about the Obama Administration.  Their complete lack of intelligence on the issue is disconcerting, at best, and at worst puts America at significant risk.

2 thoughts on “The Liberal Lie About Terror

  • December 31, 2009 at 6:57 am

    If we did treat these individuals as criminal as opposed to war criminal they should be most definitions fit into the serial killer profiles. The terrorists are more like the Mansons of the criminal landscape. Again, this is a function of sterilization that has kept most of America from seeing the brutality of the beheading of Nick Berg and others. While the media and others decided these actions were too brutal for television they also spent far less time on these stories than the preponderance of love writeups for the sitting President. This has helped form the attitudes toward the war on terror that have been developing as these atrocities were played down.

    In plain simple truth: Those that want to commit actions of terror and violence have little concern for the death, injury and collateral damages for those not in the immediate crosshairs of their cause. To consider these actions as criminal is foolhardy. That there was more condemnation/suspicion of our citizenry of former military by the present administration is a true tell of their belief system. From the series of exectuive orders to the lunatics placed in czar positions this administration is certainly change. However, this was not the change sold to the public by the adoring media and the Obama political machine. Elections have consequences indeed.

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