DEMOCRAT Obstructionism

President Barack Obama branded Republicans last week as ‘electoral opportunists’ more concerned about their own interests than the people’s, taking a political risk by escalating criticism of the very lawmakers he’s urging to work with him.

Are you kidding me?

This is a man that ran for President after serving 180 days as junior Senator from Illinois.   He barely got used to his Senate office before he headed off to New Hampshire and Iowa.  This is President who ignored the minority party for one year, because he had the majority and didn’t care.  He loafed around Washington as a virtual king, declaring his policy as dictates.

Now, he is crticizing the Republicans for political opportunism?

The irony of all this is the opportunity, as Obama describes it, comes directly from Democrat incompetence.

I am sick and tired of leftist blaming Republicans for their inadequacies.  Democrats had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, and a 79 vote majority in the House.  Let us face facts:  Republicans were IRRELEVANT for much of 2009.  That is why Barack Obama and the Congressional leadership didn’t worry about bipartisanship…they didn’t need any to get their agenda passed.  They were more than happy to go on a down the line party vote every time, and ignore the ineffectual minority.

And now, they want to blame Republicans for obstructionism?  That doesn’t meet the sniff test.

The final nail in the coffin of the mirage of Republican obstructionism was Evan Bayh’s retirement yesterday.  In his farewell address, Bayh basically blamed Republicans for the lack of legislative successes in Washington.

“There is too much partisanship and…too much narrow ideology” in Washington, Bayh said. “Even at a time of enormous national challenge, the people’s business is not getting done.”

Yes.  And whose fault is that?  Not the Republicans.  I wholly admit that the Republicans, with no other path open to them, chose to be as obstructionist as possible.  What choice was there?  Obama didn’t want to talk to them, and there was no hope of bipartisanship from this Congress.  They were forced to choose the only road open to them.

And even at that…the truth is they had no power to achieve their goal of obstruction.

That role fell to moderate Democrats, such as Bayh himself.  The seven or so true moderate Democrats in the Senate were the true obstructionists.  If they wanted, they could have voted for Nancy Pelosi’s grand takeover of health care.  They could have voted for cap-and-trade.  And many could have, and did, vote for Obama’s Stimulus debacle.

But they didn’t.  Why?  Because they were worried about their political futures.  Simply put, they were political opportunists, just like Obama himself was accusing Republicans of being.  If they truly believed in the cause, they could have stopped any filibuster and moved forward.  But they didn’t.

Obama and Democrats will try to lay the do-nothing label on Republicans.  But the public, for all their ambivalence toward either party, understands a simple fact:  the failure to do anything ultimately lies at the feet of the incompetent Democrat Party.