Our Monthly Reminder Of Obama’s Failure…

I should just recycle my previous month’s post on the same subject…it is always the same.   More jobs lost.  None really created.  Obama claims to have created millions and millions of jobs.  No one believes him.  Onward and forward.

The number of new claims of unemployment benefits increased to 480,000 last month.  Why this was ‘unexpected’ is beyond me…it should be expected after a year of failing to produce any jobs.

And a new PPP poll tells us what we already know…the public has lost faith in the Democrats on this issue:

If you want a prism into why Democrats are struggling so much right now, this may sum it up: only 11% of voters across the country say that their economic situation has improved over the last year compared to42% who think it has become worse. 47% say it’s about the same as it was.

Well, why the loss of confidence?  Maybe because the President keeps trying to tell us this story:

“Now, if you hear some of the critics, they’ll say, well, the Recovery Act, I don’t know if that’s really worked, because we still have high unemployment,” the president said. “But what they fail to understand is that every economist, from the left and the right, has said, because of the Recovery Act, what we’ve started to see is at least a couple of  million jobs that have either been created or would have been lost. The problem is, 7 million jobs were lost during the course of  this recession.”

The irony, as Ed Morrissey of Hot Air points out, via Jake Tapper, is that the White House’s own economists don’t agree with this statement:

At the end of November, Congressional Budget office Director Douglas Elmendorf wrote that because of the stimulus bill “in the third quarter of calendar year 2009, an additional 600,000 to 1.6 million people were employed in the United States..”

But clearly other economists are much more skeptical, including Dan Mitchell at the libertarian Cato Institute, and J.D. Foster at The Heritage Foundation.

Some economists say the whole notion of counting “saved or created” jobs is impossible. Harvard University labor economist Lawrence Katz told ProPublica that trying to count how many jobs have been saved or created is “a silly exercise.”

And in fact, in December the Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag issued a directive scrapping the whole “saved or created” construct.

Yeah, when your own budget director is discrediting you, it is time to stop talking.

No one with any credibility believes that the Obama Stimulus plan created any jobs.  It may have saved some jobs, most of which were government jobs to begin with.  But private sector jobs?  There is no calculation or formula that will convince the public that it was successful in creating new jobs in the real world.  And Obama simply makes himself look foolish by repeating what is at the very least a gross distortion of reality.

One thought on “Our Monthly Reminder Of Obama’s Failure…

  • February 4, 2010 at 10:01 am

    Let’s be clear: Government jobs saved or created are a tax.

    Only private sector jobs based upon real demand (not short term stimulus) are lasting and beneficial to the economic health of the country. Companies are still reducing payrolls.

    The fiscal liberalism of the last 15-20 years must end.

    As for surveys: unless one increased their take home pay in an amount that exceeds ‘real inflation’ they net lose and are worse off.

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