Best Super Bowl Ads

First, congratulations to the Who Dats…the New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl Champions?  Maybe I am living in an alternate reality like those guys on Lost…

Anyway, more importantly, what were the best ads on Super Bowl Night?  My personal list…

1.  Letterman, Oprah, and Leno?



First, amazing that this did not leak.  Oprah is one of the best known personalities in the world, Leno has been under a firestorm, and Letterman, is, well, Letterman.  The only thing missing is Conan.  But I doubt NBC would have o.k.’d that.  The behind-the-scenes story is on  But really, for a 10 second ad, this was priceless, and memorable.

2.  Betty White Gets Tackled


Maybe I must like elder abuse.  I don’t know.  But watching Betty White get tackled was one of the few times all night that I burst out laughing.

3.  Google Simplicity

Long term…this may be my favorite ad.  This was a purely simple, but elegant, story line that got to the heart of what Google is all about.  The two above ads are funny…but I think this one is by far the most effective.

4. Kia and Toys

I don’t know if this would get me to buy a Kia…but there is something simply playful about this ad.  And it certainly got my 4 year old excited.  “Yo Gabba Gabba!!!”

5.  Budweiser Gets Lost

Um, I am a Lost fanatic, so this hit me perfectly.  Maybe a little too goofy.  But I still enjoyed it.

And bonus….worst ad….The U.S. Census?

Um, you do realize you, the taxpayer spent almost $3 million for this ad…and even though I knew it was coming, when I saw it I still didn’t understand what it was trying to achieve?  A nice waste of your hard earned tax dollars…and another FAIL from the Obama Administration.  Geez.

P.S. – By the way, runner up for worst…the Audi ‘Environmental police’ ad.  With Obama in office, that ad just hit a little too close to home.  Who couldn’t see an Obama police force arresting you for using the wrong light bulb?

UPDATE #2 – Rush Limbaugh loved the Audi ad as a satire…I still think it hits too close to the reality the wacko left is proposing…but I can see the comedy in it…from a distance.