So, just to give you some info on me…

…I am a thirty something radiologist and entrepreneur, living in the Central Ohio.  I am married with two children.  I consider myself a conservative, though I am moderate (or Libertarian) on many issues.  I think I am more a pragmatist that an idealogue, but certainly I can sometimes be idealistic.

So some have asked where the name ‘Neoavatara’ comes from.  Well, it is amalgam of sorts.  ‘Neo’ is from Sanksrit and Latin for ‘New’.  ‘Avatara‘ (or Avatar) is Sanskrit for rebirth.   So together, Neoavatara generally means ‘a new rebirth’ or  ‘next reincarnation’, depending on how you want to take the meaning.

This blog, in various iterations, has been running for over two years now.  I have a few devoted readers, and some occasional visitors.   I have many that comment and fact check me, and to them, I am grateful.  I am just a single voice in a larger movement.  But I hope that occasionally that I come up with an original thought that helps instigate change.

My blog is loosely linked to my 501(c)(3) charity, the Neoavatara Foundation.  Neoavatara’s goal is to raise money to provide scholarships for students, especially those who underpriviledged.  My family and I have been blessed to have the means to follow our dreams to whatever ends we wished; I hope to provide similar opportunities to others that are less fortunate.  By frequenting sponsors on this blog, and possibly even donating to my charity, you can do a small part to further my dream, and hopefully the dreams of other young people in this great country.

In any case, I hope you enjoy my ranting as much as I like spewing my nonsense.