I know many people on both sides of the gay marriage debate that spend a lot of energy trying to fight for their view on the issue. Frankly, it is a waste of time.

I actually can comprehend both sides of the debate quite well. Conservatives feel that marriage is clearly defined as the union of a man and a woman. There is fair amount of basis for that.

Gay marriage supporters state that why should couples who choose an alternative lifestyle be left out of the benefits of marriage? Fair enough.

Here is my answer: abolish marriage.

I am not kidding.

Marriage ultimately is purely a religious definition. It is not a definition based on any natural process. It was based on religious and societal pressures that were necessary for civilizations to be able to procreate and provide stability for children.

Some argue that stability is still necessary in our society. Maybe.  Who knows if social conservatives are right.  But we are basically a libertarian society at heart, and most of us believe that government should not have the right to impose such restrictions on our lives. Conservatives, especially, should believe that.

I personally believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  But that really isn’t the point, is it?  I say get government out of the business of marriage. Look at what government has done to marriage. Divorce rates in this country are over 50%; it is higher is some places in Europe. Births out of wedlock are at an all time high, with almost 40% of all children born outside of wedded bliss. And many, if not most, states have no fault divorces. So who are we trying to kid?

I say abolish marriage on a legal level. Sure, you want to get marriage in your church, synagogue, temple, be my guest. I am married, so it isn’t that I don’t believe in the sanctity of marriage; I just don’t think it is any of my government’s business.

For the legal aspects, we should move toward partnership agreements. I think that married couples, gay couples, and anyone else should be able to enter into a partnership agreement that gives them all the rights now accorded to spouses, including insurance, inheritance, etc. I think all current marriages should be automatically converted to partnerships legally. And a partnership should could be dissolved using the same laws we now use for divorce law.

As for the societal effects, government and politics has made this a very divisive issue, when it should be a familial, religious, and personal one.  Look at the nonsense on both sides regarding the whole Miss California controversy regarding Carrie Prejean.  All she did is voice her opinion, and the left hated her for it.  They call her a bigot, call her garbage, and some have even called for her to be killed.  And these are not even the extremists.  And don’t forget:  Ms. Prejean’s opinion is exactly, precisely the SAME OPINION AS OUR PRESIDENT, BARACK H. OBAMA.  So why isn’t Mr. Obama a bigot, and to be hated?

Frankly, this entire issue is wasted breath. And what liberals don’t realize is that the public is still largely against them.  A CNN poll shows 54% against gay marriage nationwide (and a simple majority of 50% for prochoice versus prolife).  What this shows is that the country is center right, and although we should be careful not to impose on minority rights, at the same time most of the country is not prepared for outward gay marriage.

The recent array of states providing gay marriage rights, along with Proposition 8 in California banning gay marriage, I know this debate is not going away soon.  But it really is a waste of time.  Whether or not government recognizes marriages, there are many people, gay and straight, living as couples, having children, raising families. Government frankly has no right to tell them how to live. I don’t want my government telling me how to live either. This is an issue we should take care of, and move on.